Join Andrew Lees and guest Shane Whelan as he talks about the area of business that clients most commonly fail in. Shane shares how one can create anticipation and excitement for concepts from scratch, how he built his company organically, and what giving value should feel like to your clients and customers. Because life can quickly bog down so many people on the day-to-day, for Shane, an entrepreneur’s ability to create that “different” experience is what turns spectators into potential clients.

In this episode you will learn:

  • You are the captain of your own ship when it comes to entrepreneurship

  • The challenges of creating excitement from scratch

  • Organic or paid ads?

  • Shane Whelan – on referrals and squeezing more money out of every transaction

  • The right value feels like a good song

  • and so much more!

About Shane Whelan:

Shane is a serial entrepreneur and the host of Carrying the FirePodcast. In his podcast and business, he focuses on and targets solutions that help entrepreneurs solve problems, especially in marketing-related subjects and issues.

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