Show Notes

Join Andrew Lees and guest Evan Knox, the founder of Caffeine Marketing, as they talk about the real significant factors that make a marketing goal shine. In this episode, Evan shares his thoughts on blue and red ocean products and what role he believes a marketer needs to play to deliver. For him, an entrepreneur needs to know the things that he does not need in a venture. He also believes that it is both critical and incredibly insightful for one to focus on things that would matter beyond a lifetime. You'll be hearing from all of those and more as you tune in with us in this podcast.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Acquiring, scaling, and selling companies.
  • What composes a revenue-growing strategy?
  • Marketing with the StoryBrand framework.
  • The different products and services are easy to market and scale.
  • Entrepreneurship and life – the challenges you need to juggle together.
  •  …and so much more.

About Evan Knox:

Evan is the Founder of Caffeine Marketing and a small business investor. Caffeine Marketing makes profitable marketing easy for small companies. As an investor, Evan helps small companies double and sometimes even triple their bottom line.

Evan founded Caffeine Marketing to design a better way to help businesses create marketing that's profitable, not painful. Evan believes that your marketing should deliver results, and he understands what it feels like to be frustrated by marketing that doesn't work.

Evan has helped more than 100 leaders create digital marketing that grows his client's companies.

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