Join Andrew Lees and guest Martin Langelo Lien as they talk about the beginning of RespondFlow and how its success continues to flow today.

Show Notes

Martin explains why an MBA may not be what will work for you, two efficient ways to market a product for bootstrapped businesses, and the advantages of integrating SMS into your business’ marketing strategy. As the Co-Founder of RespondFlow, Martin has lost count of how many times investors discouraged getting an MBA. For them, starting your own company is the MBA you need.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Schools aren’t the best place to learn business
  • Martin Langelo Lien – on the kind of education that doesn’t guarantee revenue
  • How did RespondFlow start?
  • The effectiveness of a beachhead strategy
  • The Power of Product Hunt and a Beta-less Product Launch
  • And so much more!

About Martin Langelo Lien:

Martin Langelo Lien is the co-founder of RespondFlow. He helps companies automate their customer service processes and leverage their online presence to optimize social media interactions and conversions.

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