Join Andrew Lees and Clint McPherson (That Entrepreneur Life) as they sit down with Sebastian Hernandez and talk about Sebastian's six strategies for an expansive life.

Show Notes

We’ll get to know how Sebastian left corporate life to create his own destiny and message to the world. Among many topics, they talk about setting goals, willpower, consistency, and ambition. If you’re someone who’s struggling to find your purpose in life, this is definitely for you!

By the end of this episode, you will learn to track your progress, produce the results you want, and wear your own jersey. You will understand that it’s not expecting things to happen, but intending it to happen.

Sebastian Hernandez’ message:

Your time to be what you've always known deep inside of you has come, the world needs you. You have something unique and extremely valuable to offer our world and inspire thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people.

There is a part of you that has been dormant but slowly has been waking up and showing signs of its existence. This part of you is magical and extremely powerful, granting you access to manifesting your deepest desires. This part of you also has a wonderful gift to offer to the world that can magnify your own experience of living.

I invite you on a journey of Self-Discovery attached to the art form of designing and creating. You are the artist to your canvas named "life", it is time to grab your tool of choice and begin to design your life on your terms in alignment with your best self and fulfillment.

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