Join Andrew Lees and Clint McPherson with Kimber Hill as she talks about finding the right virtual team members.

Show Notes

Kimber is the founder of VirtForce, bridging the gap between active-duty spouses and remote career opportunities. She shares the valuable lessons she’s learned in life and how making decisions and taking chances can bring you places.

 In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The value of your identity and being able to adapt. Her life changed when she got married!
  • The various types of work that can be done remotely. It’s not all about customer service and coders.
  • Her passion for Workforce Development and creating growth programs.
  • Asking the question, “How can we help you?” You won’t believe how effective it is!
  • How a bad hire can derail your operation. Find people that are looking to be a part of something bigger!
  • Embracing the things that make you uncomfortable.

About VirtForce:

Our Mission - Cultivating vetted virtual career paths for America’s Active Duty Military Spouse Community. We reduce the unemployment rate for Active Duty MilSpouses and Veterans by connecting employers seeking to diversify and distribute their talent network to qualified virtual candidates within the military community.

Extraordinary Vision - The VirtForce vision is to help our Candidates invest in career and personal development that launches them into successful Virtual Careers. 

In the face of constant change, VirtForce will anchor meaningful content and career paths that provide tangible and measurable economic growth for the military community.

Our Core Values -  Above all, VirtForce values Servant Leadership. 

  • We believe that military Spouses are incredible remote team members.
  • We believe in honor, respect, and integrity.
  • We believe in the power of true community and advocacy.
  • We believe in consistently connecting the right candidate to the right opportunity.

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