Join Andrew Lees and Clint McPherson with Shayna Rose as they talk about finding your “why,” and how success follows positivity.

Show Notes

Shayna is an artist, songwriter, actress, performer, and creative entrepreneur, famous for her role as Marina from Nickelodeon’s Fresh Beat Band and Stephanie Johnson from Days of Our Lives.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Shaping the culture and working with bringing people closer together.
  • Being a little too free-thinking and independent. Shayna didn’t want to be a machine!
  • The significance of learning on your own to maintain your own voice.
  • Having resilience against innumerable rejections. Find the right path and embrace the journey!
  • Self-talk. Either create a terrible story for yourself or make the law of attraction work to your advantage.

About Shayna Rose:

SHAYNA is a producer, songwriter, and social action artist. Many recognize her from her starring role as "Marina" on Nickelodeon's hit music series, "The Fresh Beat Band." She is a Billboard #1 Gold Record songwriter, and her music has appeared in campaigns for Lucky Charms, Hasbro, Tupperware, Paramount Pictures, and more. She believes artists have a responsibility for shaping the culture and bringing people closer together by telling a deeper and more vulnerable truth about the human experience. 

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