Join Andrew Lees and Clint McPherson with Aida Mandić as they talk about how real-life survival helped her through adversity in business.

Show Notes

She’s an entrepreneur, author, poet, songwriter, inventor, activist, marketing consultant, and many more! Aida is also the founder and CEO of Searchkey, an online platform that helps people get connected to opportunities!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Utilizing different perspectives as an entrepreneur. It’s the instinct to survive!
  • Leaving your mark in the world and embracing change.
  • The problem is with scholarships and the systems in place to get them processed.
  • Being motivated by trying to bring the best out of people.
  • Dealing with not being accepted by others. Keep your emotions in check!
  • The true mark of an innovator.

About Searchkey:

Searchkey is an online platform for delivering information to people who don’t necessarily know what to look for. We provide guidance, personal instruction, templates, and early access to opportunities for the users so that they can achieve their educational and financial goals. Our database is international because we believe that the achievement of potential should not be limited due to circumstances.

Searchkey’s mission is to connect people to the services that they need when they need them. We want to change the way that people approach the presentation of opportunities, resources, and information by making the world more informed and success-oriented.

You can use Searchkey to:

  • Search for the things that interest you
  • Access information and resources relevant to you
  • Find out what it takes to achieve your goals
  • Look up the people that share similar objectives
  • See a visualization of your life path
  • Help encourage friends and family to pursue dreams

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