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Join Andrew Lees and Clint McPherson as they sit down with Amanda Ma to talk about the importance of Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) and how it can help your business succeed. Amanda is the founder and CEO of Innovate Marketing Group. She’s been an entrepreneur for fourteen years and specializes in multicultural events.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why KPIs and ROIs are needed for marketing purposes
  • Do virtual events help scale engagements?
  • Tips for planning a virtual event
  • How to make people want to come to your events
  • The most difficult things about being an entrepreneur
  • And more!

About Amanda Ma:

Amanda is the founder and CEO of Innovate Marketing Group. IMG is a live and virtual event agency located in Los Angeles. Some of their clients include Tik Tok, Honda, and City National Bank.

Amanda's entrepreneurial journey officially started about 14 years ago and she thinks her dad had a lot to do with that because he was also an entrepreneur. She saw how hard he worked, as well as the benefits because of the formation of his hardware. Growing up, Amanda knew one day, that she also wanted to be an entrepreneur. When she was a little kid she actually tried to sell stuff at home and tried to sell dry Mango to her neighbors. Her parents would say "You know what? Other people don't eat that because it's more of an Asian thing, you know"? She didn’t care, she just made it.

Amanda loves being an entrepreneur, because it's all about, coming up with fresh ideas, and every day the journey is different.

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