Show Notes

Join Clint McPherson as he sits down with Mike Oellrich to talk about giving music artists the recognition they deserve, overcoming adversity, seizing the opportunity, and not giving up. Mike is a former failed rapper, drummer producer who really loves music. He started a platform called Drippy K Song of the Day. They find new music, play these songs, and help music artists gain fans. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • At a young age, Mike knew he loves music and realized his talent in it. 
  • Compared to platforms like Spotify that features more than 100 artists a day, they feature one artist for a whole day.
  • Mike was in a band making really good music but failed due to creative differences.
  • They don’t care what genre of music you’re in as long as your songs give them goosebumps and something they can resonate with.
  • Mike finally found what he is good at after years of continuous struggle.
  • And more!

About Mike Oellrich:

Mike is a detail-oriented, extremely hard-working individual that's well versed in many different areas that are vital to any business. He is a strong lead by example guy who works hard for you no matter the task given. His objectives are to become prominent in the areas of music and sports. Mike is gifted at recruiting, research, brand vision, marketing, social media, and big picture ideas.

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