Show Notes

Join Andrew Lees and Clint McPherson as they sit down with Doc Williams, the CEO, and Founder of Brand Factory Inc.,  to talk about his own milestones and the setbacks he had to overcome before he landed in the field of brand development. We also get to hear the strategy he uses before working with any company and one factor he looks into prior to forming his deals and collaborations.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Seeing people react to gifts and experiences - Entrepreneurship at a young age.
  • No Code: Creating an application without codes.
  • Doc Williams on leveling up his own business through live streaming.
  • On helping companies with the “IT-factor” achieve it.
  • The effect of planning and aligning actions to an entrepreneur’s journey and success.

About Doc Williams:

Doc got his start in digital marketing and entertainment over 10 years ago and has worked with a wide array of companies along the way, from ESPN to AppSumo and Vaynermedia.

He has been a CTO and CIO in three different startups and began facilitating live streaming for brands in 2015.

Since then, he’s been bringing his knowledge and expertise to a wider audience with his streaming show, Build With Me, where he builds 3 businesses in an hour with one tech tool.

Doc knows firsthand the power of live streaming and building brands, and he’s here to share how you can use it to its full potential.

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