Show Notes

Join Andrew Lees and his guest Shawn Harper, former 7-year NFL player as they talk about the life of an athlete-turned-entrepreneur and winner. In this episode, Shawn shares why it takes fortitude and guts to make the right calls in pursuit and why it’s crucial to approach everything as a winner and ask the question: what is going to make you stand out as a winner? All of that and more as you stay tuned with us.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What a winner truly is: Success Mindset vs. Winner Mindset.
  • Your belief is always grounded on your self-concept, your identity.
  • Time is your greatest resource to capitalize on.
  • What doesn’t get talked about often: The teams and their importance.
  • The ability to make the hard call is the biggest challenge as an entrepreneur.

About Shawn Harper:

Shawn Harper is an experience packed with high energy and never a dull moment. Shawn rips phone books, rolls up frying pans, and carries humans on his back to deliver a winning keynote performance customized to fit your goals and audience. 

Shawn Harper knows what it feels like to encounter failures, roadblocks, and disappointments. Growing up on the south side of Columbus, Ohio, Shawn had to overcome failure, adversity, and learning disabilities. But he discovered the secrets to unlocking “The Winning Edge,” and now speaks all over the world training others to win in business and in life.

When Shawn Harper steps on the stage, he unpacks strategies and techniques used by professional athletes to compete and win at the highest levels. His unique no excuses approach will leave your audience ready to win as individuals and in teams. 

Shawn customizes his keynote to fit your goals and audience. He has helped transform thousands of corporate environments, built leadership, trained teams, and impacted youth development in schools and programs.

Shawn excites your attendees out of their chair and onto the playing field of the business of winning. He rips phone books, rolls up frying pans, and carries humans on his back to demonstrate the power of action. Your attendees will tap into the mental game of peak performance athletes, push through excuses, and set in motion their greatest potential to drive to the next level. 

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