Show Notes

Join Clint McPherson as he sits down with the bright minds behind Norani, Nora Mansour, and Ani Yemenidjian. Nora and Ani are best friends and business partners for 12 years now, and in this episode, they’ll be sharing everything it took to build their brand and business that overcame a ton of no’s along the way. Stay tuned as they tell their take on how you can’t always be in business with everybody, even though you generally share the same ideas, and why it is so important for respect to always play in the midst of a dynamic environment of diverse ideas.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Taking all the plunge and the risks in your early 20s – Milestones in entrepreneurship.
  • Overcoming hardships as the core of work ethic.
  • Making the business work + making it work for the people that matter.
  • Business and best friends: You can’t have too many cooks in the same kitchen.
  • Doing your own thing because you have your own prize – eyes on the prize. 

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