Being an entrepreneur means being able to die on the sword and make all the decisions.

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Mike Moll is the Founder and Director of Social Media House and the Host of the Market Me Podcast. Social Media House is a consulting agency designed to improve marketing inefficiencies, increase ROI and provide insight on what works and what doesn’t in all elements of your online marketing. Optimize what you’re already doing or let us develop an innovative strategy customized for your brand, and we’ll teach your team to be experts at social media marketing.

Being an entrepreneur means being able to die on the sword and make all the decisions. Now that Mike’s an entrepreneur, he can do things the way that he thinks they should be done. With his focus on marketing, he likes finding different ways to run advertising.

Mike worked more jobs before he was twenty-five than most people do in a lifetime. By trying a lot of different things, he figured out what he didn’t like doing - which made marketing click that much quicker. The hardest part for Mike to get started on his entrepreneurial journey was getting customers. When you do the job for someone else, it’s easier to transfer that experience to your own business. Plus, it helps when you are selling something that you believe in. You do not need to overcomplicate or overexplain things to your customers.

Mike speaks about keeping his team small. You need to be organized and have
streamlined systems and processes. It's important to make videos of every single step – it eliminates 95% of errors. He outsources people to help him with the things that he sucks at. When you bring someone in, you might not know anything about them and the bad habits that they may have. That is why it’s essential to have standard operating procedures, brand guidelines, and communication guidelines.

Look for technology and tools that can supplement tasks for you at the early stage. Mike pays about $800 a month for technology that helps him get things done. If the $800 a month is replacing a $4,000 a month salary, then, of course, it's worth it. Don’t be afraid to purchase the premium accounts. Some resources that Mike recommends are Honeybook, Slack, and Asana. They have made his entrepreneurial journey so much easier. Stay tuned as Mike reveals his favorite thing about being an entrepreneur.



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