Show Notes

Join Andrew Lees, Clint McPherson, and their guest Craig Siegel as they talk about how mindset becomes requisite to achieving greatness. Craig is all about sharpening the ax. And from someone who used to be introverted, he gives proof to how anyone can reinvent themselves for more incredible things. In this episode, he talks about revamping our mindset, modeling ourselves from the people we look up to, and the approach he took that helped him hold absolute accountability for his growth. As an entrepreneur, for Craig, not knowing how people are going to resonate with you is one scary thing to feel. This is why for him, a mind that’s refined to adapt when needed is a heck of a tool that sets one up for success.

In this episode you will learn:

  • On cultivating lasting symphony.
  • Your mindset will make or break you.
  • Who are the people you hold in high regard?
  • The thing that’s scary and exhilarating about being an entrepreneur.
  • Acknowledge what didn’t work.
  •  …and so much more.

About Craig Siegel:

In order to understand Craig, you have to understand his vision. You see, this isn’t about Craig. It’s not about the money or to be noticed. Craig learned many years ago that he has a strong ability to communicate and help people want to become better. So he decided it was his responsibility to help elevate everyone he possibly could.

And the goal has always been to be able to do this on a much grander scale so that he can reach a much larger audience and make a gigantic impact. Craig believes that while people are not broken, their frames often are. He alters their map of the world and revamps their mindset, thus leading to unbelievable breakthroughs in all facets of life.

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