Join Andrew Lees, Clint McPherson, and their guest, expert marketing coach Elizabeth Pompalone, as they discuss how she simplifies marketing effectively with the aid of technology.

Show Notes

Elizabeth is the founder and CEO of Absolute Marketing™, a marketing firm that helps small business owners and nonprofit directors create their marketing for the entire year in five days. She shares how what seemed like a side job became full-time and brought her to where she is now. 

Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in this episode:

  • Making a business out of a skill.
  • Why the brand must be the focus of marketing.
  • Find a marketing scheme that works by considering demographics.
  • Hacks for an effective content creation process without getting overwhelmed.
  • Using diversification as a tool to align business plans across businesses.
  • And so much more!

About Elizabeth Pompalone:

Elizabeth Pompalone helps clients achieve a unique, authentic brand that connects with their audience and customers on a practical and emotional level. Her unconventional approach has led to the successes of her many clients. With client-focused ideas and business-friendly costs, it makes the partnership profitable for both her clients and their customers. With Absolute Marketing™, each pillar only takes one day to implement with Elizabeth’s easy-to-follow formulas. Many have praised her brainstorming sessions as “Gold Mines” for the non-marketer. Elizabeth is also devoted to facilitating a perspective shift to aid clients through Business Clarity Coaching. Their dreams, fears, strengths, and achievements are brought out into the open to provide contextual clarity and a successful path forward.

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