What problems are you solving as an entrepreneur?

Show Notes

Many years ago, Dave set out to solve a problem with fishing: flies and lures getting hung up in trees with no right way to get them back. So he set out to solve this problem by developing a compact device that can easily be used to get flies and lures again, saving fishers time and money. A few years ago, he reached out to Andrew to take his rough prototypes and napkin sketch and turn them into production and market-ready product. He embodies the true nature of an entrepreneur with his persistence and willingness to take risks throughout the development, launch, and growth of his product line.

Dave speaks about balancing full-time work and CatchALure. When creating a product, ask yourself if it is inexpensive, and does it solve a problem? CatchALure is both of those things. For the last several years, they’ve developed two retrieval products, one for fly fishing and one for conventional fishing. Dave says that it was helpful to understand the sales process first before creating his product. He was not able to sell CatchALure to stores; they are in the business of selling lures, not getting them back. So, that left Dave to sell his product to customers directly.

There are fewer ups than there are downs in entrepreneurship. Dave says his favorite part of entrepreneurship is using his product. There’s an environmental impact left behind from the fishing process. So, CatchALure likes to be part of the solution, not the problem. Dave’s dad invented two products that are still sold in tool stores today. At one point, a store offered to buy his dad’s product. However, Dave’s dad thought he could do it better. The store went around his patent and made the product anyway. Dave says that you are not bigger than your product, and you are not more significant than any industry out there.

Then, Dave speaks about being productive in entrepreneurship. Don’t forget things – Dave
writes everything down and creates a list of ideas for his business. During this journey, Dave didn’t expect to find a great partner. When he gets tired of pushing the wheelbarrow, Andrew will call and ask how things are going. It motivates him to keep going and push through. Entrepreneurship is all about the relationships that are helping you push forward. Plus, Dave has been able to make relationships in the fly fishing world. The world starts to get a little smaller as we continue to build more connections in our industry. Stay tuned as Dave speaks about growing a business during coronavirus and gives advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Enjoy the show!

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