Join Andrew Lees, Clint McPherson, and their guest Grant LeBeau as he talks about how to branch out and pivot from a pandemic-hit business. Grant shares how one can actively seek the lifestyle business, why he started his podcast Small Biz Gone Viral, his number one message to early entrepreneurs, and so much more. As the Founder of Mkrday and Co-Founder of Rickaroons, for Grant, every time you take another step in growth, there will always be new challenges that come along in the world of production. Knowing how to refocus while staying true to your origin is vital to rise above this challenge. In this episode you will learn: - Grant LeBeau – on actively seeking out the life you want - How Rickaroons and Mkrday held up and started during the pandemic - Be open to pivoting and refocusing - The challenge of adapting but staying authentic - If you're a six-figure business, get coached by a seven-figure coach! - And so much more! About Grant LeBeau: Grant is a jeopardy enthusiast, the 8-year-old world record holder for distance thrown with a frisbee, dog dad to two, and soon-to-be human dad in June! He co-founded a coconut energy bar company with his dad in 2012, and has since worked hundreds of farmers markets and learned to barter for fresh eggs like a pro. Grant is the "hostess with the mostest" and will never be the first one to hang up the phone - unless someone's about to eat all the ice cream. You can find Grant LeBeau on… Website 1: Website 2: Podcast: You can find That Entrepreneur Life on… Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Support this podcast: Listen to the full episode here: