Join Andrew Lees and guest Nickolas Natali as they talk about what resourcefulness does for every entrepreneur. Nickolas explains the essence of relationships to entrepreneurship, what personal finance is about for entrepreneurs, the importance of knowing your market, and why checking your perspective as an entrepreneur should never be overlooked. Nickolas believes that if you focus on one target audience, one solution, and one marketing strategy with consistency, failing will be very unlikely. In this episode you will learn: • Entrepreneurs have had it within them since their youth. • Personal finance first, business finance next. • About the YouTube video, Turning $0 to $1000. • Entrepreneurs handle their distractions! • Feedback tells you what you’re doing right and wrong. • And so much more! About Nickolas Natali: Nickolas Natali is a comedic content creator, small software business owner, and people lover from Southern California. Nick began making short films in 7th grade when he got his hands on his first phone, The Envy 2.  He began writing and filming short comedy skits with his friends and eventually created a Youtube Channel in 2010. As he matured, so did his content. From comedy skits to social experiments to vlogs to comedic commentary – Nick tailors his content creation to how he believes he can best influence, entertain, and inspire his audience. Nick attributes the majority of his success and character development to his friends and family that encouraged and believed in him even when he didn’t. You can find Nickolas Natali on... Website: YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: You can find That Entrepreneur Life on... Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Support the show: Listen to the full episode here: